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What is letzNav?

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letzNav functions as an innovative and intelligent platform to provide real-time guidance to users while they navigate through web applications. The next step in alleviating user experience, letzNav helps increase employee self-sufficiency and reduce the load on tech support.

letzNav delivers real-time step-by-step guidance for enterprise users on any web-based application while improving the data quality and reducing the training, documentation and support costs!

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No more upgrading user guides, sending memos, or troubleshooting inconsistencies. With Nav, you get easy training, implementation, and adoption. And, you get a tool to easily track your application ROI, so you can see just how much it is helping your business.

A feature-rich platform, Nav is loaded with all the goodies that make working with enterprise solutions a cakewalk. From Salesforce to Jira, finally, your employees have comprehensive resources that make adopting to change easy, and quickly boost productivity and performance.


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Change the game, and it will never be the same

From guided walkthroughs to personalized dialogue boxes, letzNav’s features are enhanced to give the user an engaging experience throughout the application.

Guided Workflows

Get guidance on every step of your application walkthrough, complete with prompts and alerts.

Data Validations

Be ever-correct, with letzNav’s quick and reliable data validation alerts that guide you wherever you’ve erred.

Interactive UX

Strike the right chord with the users by keeping them engaged and enriched.

CodeFree Editor

Zero-code, simple functionality which can enable you customize your needs.

Bulletspeed Setup

Ensure implementation and adoption at blitzkrieg speeds. Get going in record time.

Product Personalization

Customize letzNav to suit your process and business perfectly.


Key Takeaways through letzNav

Faster Product Adoption

With the features of code-free platform and hassle-free onboarding, letzNav helps users to understand better and quicker.

Effective User Onboarding

New hires get acclimatized easily onto the organization and process, thanks to letzNav.

Excellent User Experience

Interactive dialogue boxes and prompts enrich the overall UX, making letzNav a life-saver for application adoption.

Accelerate Employee Training

Bid farewell to tedious long training sessions. Welcome this wide-reaching platform, uniform training approach can be taken in real-time.


letzNav, is essentially a browser extension technology, making it readily available and easily followable.

Reduce Support/Training Costs

With letzNav as your easy adoption and onboarding platform, your organisation can save time and expense which can be diverted to core functions.

Real Digital Solutions

That Transform How You Do Business

In the battle to increase productivity and returns from installed applications, immediate guidance by letzNav is the game changer. Automated, real time and comprehensive, it’s a proven tool that helps accelerate time to competence, make training stick and ensures quality data entry.

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This simple, result-driven platform simplifies training, streamlines user adoption, and keeps your people motivated and productive.