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What is letzNav?

An enterprise-class product adoption platform

Accelerate selling, support, and training with letzNav’s Workflows — real-time step-by-step guidance for your prospects, customers, employees or partners in their precise moment of need. letzNav also ensures data accuracy, automates documentation, and streamlines cross-application processes. All with zero integration or changes to your underlying website or application required.

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The Intuitive Tool

That Maximizes Employee Productivity and Performance

letzNav accelerates adoption of enterprise applications. From Salesforce and Netsuite to Jira and Oracle Cloud –  your employees get step-by-step guidance and support right within the application.

No more updating user guides, sending memos, or troubleshooting inconsistencies. With letzNav, training and adoption support happens in real-time. And, you get a tool to easily track your application ROI, so you can see just how much it is helping your business. The result: dramatic reduction in support and training costs and significant productivity gains.


Features and Benefits to Transform Your Business


Transform how you onboard, train, and support employees and customers

From guided walkthroughs to personalized dialogue boxes, letzNav’s features deliver support and guidance where your users need it most: right within the application.

Guided Workflows

Provide step-by-step guidance for standard or custom processes, complete with prompts and alerts.

Data Validations

Ensure data accuracy with real-time validation alerts that require users to enter the right data in the right format.

Interactive UX

No more jumping between training materials and the application – users get interactive guidance in real time.

CodeFree Editor

Quickly and easily create your own guided workflows for any app or experience with our zero-code editor.

Quick Setup

Get letzNav up and running quickly with no integration or changes to the underlying experience required.

Product Personalization

Tailor letzNav to meet your precise needs for standard out-of-the box applications and custom experiences.


letzNav Drives Concrete Business Gains

Faster Product Adoption

With guided onboarding and real-time step-by-step support, letzNav accelerates ramp-up time for new employees and customers.

Effective User Onboarding

New employees and customers get up to speed faster on your company processes, policies, and resources.

Excellent User Experience

Interactive dialogues and prompts right in the application provide a more efficient, effective, and enjoyable experience.

Accelerate Employee Training

Bid farewell to tedious, ineffective training sessions and say hello to real-time guidance right within any app or experience.


letzNav not only makes your employees more effective, it also streamlines customer onboarding and support.

Reduce Support &
Training Costs

letzNav customers experience significant reductions in support and training costs as well as dramatic productivity gains.

Real Digital Solutions

That Transform How You Do Business

In the battle to drive returns on your investment in applications and digital experiences, letzNav is a game changer. letzNav accelerates onboarding and time to competence – dramatically reducing training and support costs and increasing productivity.

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This results-driven platform simplifies training, streamlines user adoption, and keeps your people motivated and productive.