Get a Clearer Picture of Your Workforce

Embrace Your HCM System

ADP Vantage has the power to better engage and manage your global workforce. However, without effective onboarding, training and adoption – it can have the opposite effect – slowing down operations and creating confusion across every level of your organization.

letzNav solves some of the most common challenges with Vantage adoption by providing real-time guidance and data validations while reducing training and support costs.



Real-Time Data Validations

letzNav gives you the tools to ensure data accuracy and maintain best practices across all of ADP Vantage.


Easy-to-Use Guided Workflows

Managers and users alike gain the power and knowledge to navigate through ADP Vantage quickly, effectively, and flawlessly.


Actionable Analytics

With LetzNav, see how users are interacting with ADP Vantage, where the biggest hang ups are, and identify where they need help.


Quicker Onboarding

letzNav speeds up your learning curve with step-by-step guidance and intelligent prompts. You can substantially lower service, education, and training costs.

Increased Employee Productivity

Real time navigation and instruction gives your users the power to perform far beyond expectations. What used to take an hour, can now be done in less than 10 minutes thanks to letzNav’s guided workflows.

Decreased Support and Training Costs

letzNav gives your users total self-reliance. Your work gets going faster and IT support can focus on those important core functions that keeps your team operating flawlessly.

Ensure Process Compliance

Utilize letzNav’s data validations and powerful analytics to ensure business rule and regulatory compliance.