Empower Your Team to Deliver More

Save Time, Money and Energy

Let your team focus on building your product not learning to master CA Agile Central. letzNav reduces stress levels and increases proficiency across all teams.

letzNav saves you time and resources otherwise devoted to managing CA Agile Central – enabling your people to focus on delivering value at every single step.



Effortless Onboarding

No matter how frequently people join your team, get them up to speed in minutes with letzNav’s step-by-step guidance. letzNav lets new employees use CA Agile Central on their first day with no additional training.


Easy Configuration

Your organization’s business groups or development teams may have different needs or processes. With letzNav’s easy configuration, you can create multiple workflows to support each team while ensuring compliance with companywide business rules.


Powerful Analytics

LetzNav uses dynamic analytics to quickly identify tool and process improvements.


Accelerated Adoption

letzNav speeds up your CA Agile Central Adoption. With step-by-step guidance and intelligent prompting, letzNav lowers service and education costs. Get up and running with CA Agile Central in minutes not months.

Reduced Support Time and Costs

letzNav makes your team fully self-reliant with its real-time support. Your work moves along quickly and IT support can focus on the core functions that keep your business running.

Enhanced Data Quality

letzNav prompts users when their entries don’t conform to your processes or business rules. Validations solve data quality issues so you can trust the data you use to make decisions about your product.

Effortless Change Management

With announcements inside CA Agile Central and validations to ensure each entry conforms to your processes, you can quickly communicate and execute changes without spending the time or money to update your documentation and train people for every change.