Feature Adoption

At Last, Software Implementation is Easy, Fast, and Successful

Ensure a gradual and smooth absorption of your employees to new applications

Have you been struggling to get your employees to adopt new software features? Have you recently implemented a new platform, but found there are certain elements that just aren’t getting used? Are you worried this is impacting your ROI? You’re not alone.

Most companies that implement new software find their team simply isn’t using all the features available. And because of this lack of adoption, many businesses experience low productivity, lack of motivation, or confusion in their organization.

That’s where letzNav comes in, giving you step-by-step guidance and intuitive prompts that makes even the most complex software easy to use. Our handy system motivates your team members, and gets your whole organization excited about using all your new software features.

At last, you can experience increased employee productivity and streamlined processes that keep your whole team on point. With letzNav, you can rest knowing that you’re getting the most from your software investment.