Attributes that engage and inspire

Ample convenience, maximum returns

You get tons of convenient features that ensures maximum return on your software ROI. From product personalization to a lightning-speed setup, step-by-step customer guidance to training support – you can rest knowing that letzNav is the user-friendly, quickly customizable tool you and your team will love.

Guided Workflows

With letzNav, your team gets guided workflows step-by-step on-screen guidance, and even better, you get to customize your workflows to fit each user’s needs, goals, and role; whether they’re one of your top employees, or a valued customer. During workflows, pop up balloons appear whenever your user gets stuck, with helpful hints that propel them towards their desired outcome.

Data Validations

Data integrity is at the heart of running a successful business. Incorrect or inconsistent Data can cost your company or undermine your customer’s trust, and waste your team’s valuable time retracting their steps and double checking numbers or information.

That’s why letzNav brings you a powerful data accuracy tool. When your team members enter data that is incorrect or inconsistent, a handy notification instantly alerts them, so they can correct and move forward with accuracy.

Interactive UX

Our interactive UX means that your users are never left hanging, and are constantly empowered through friendly prompts, intuitive guidance, and step-by-step hints. If a customer is lost, they can instantly engage with letzNav’s interactive tool – which quickly guides them to action.

Of course, like all letzNav features, UX is easily customizable, so you can be sure you’re connecting skillfully with your target buyers.

CodeFree Editor

letzNav’s Editor is code free and easy to use. Every element of letzNav can be easily and quickly managed by you, or delegated to one of your management staff. That means you’re always in control and you can customize letzNav to fit your unique needs – even as they continue to change as your business grows.

Our convenient Editor feature is quickly found on your Account page, and includes step-by-step guidance that allows you to manage every aspect of your tool.

Bullet Speed Setup

We know your organization moves a mile every minute, and you simply don’t have time for the costly software changes or downtime. That’s why letzNav does not require any download – and is implemented at lightning speed – so you can be up and running in no time at all.

Product Personalisation

Your organization is unique, with specific goals, processes and culture that are all your own. That’s why letzNav ensures total product personalization with all letzNav features. Now, you have a tool that perfectly fits your business processes and enables you to do more, faster than ever.

  • Customizing Features
  • Shape It To Your Needs
  • Better Support for Your Team
  • Better Support For Your End Users