Microsoft Dynamics 365

Reshape Your Business Insights and Customer Relationships

Transform Your Team into Microsoft Dynamics Pros

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a centralized business management software that has huge potential to transform your business.

LetzNav helps you quickly unlock that potential, giving your employees step-by-step guidance, ongoing training, and contextual insights that boost user adoption and get your business operating at top speed.



Unlock Actionable Business Insights

letzNav equips your team to utilize Microsoft Dynamics’s powerful reporting features and leverage data to drive revenue.


Empower Your Team

letzNav gives your sales team and managers the knowledge to easily navigate Microsoft Dynamics with guided workflows. What used to take hours, can be done in minutes with letzNav’s step-by-step guidance.


Quickly Onboard New Users

letzNav quickly onboards new employees to Microsoft Dynamics so the newest member of your sales team can spend their time getting to know your clients and products not your software.


Accurate Data – You Can Use

One of the most common complaints about Microsoft Dynamics is inaccurate or missing data in reports. letzNav’s validations ensure data quality and prompt users to fix errors as they’re working in Microsoft Dynamics.

Increased Sales Productivity

Every minute your sales team spends in Microsoft Dynamics training is a minute they’re not out selling. With letzNav, your team will be closing deals not flipping through training manuals.

Less Frustration and Decreased Support Cost

letzNav is available 24/7. Employees can get help quickly and on-demand, and your IT team is free to work on other projects instead of being bogged down with Microsoft Dynamics support.

Support for Your Processes

letzNav can be tailored to your organization. Customize your support and validations around your sales process and business rules.