Get more out of your Oracle Cloud investment

Orcale Cloud applications have the potential to transform your business. But users frequently struggle to navigate these complex systems.

letzNav solves the most common challenges with Oracle adoption by providing real-time guidance, in-app announcements, and data validations.

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Simple Guided Workflows

Turn even the most complicated tasks in Oracle into a self-guided wizard. letzNav makes anything as simple as using do-it-yourself tax preparation software.


Real-Time Data Validations

letzNav solves data quality issues by enforcing your company’s business rules on any field. letzNav’s validations prompt users to fix errors in real-time as they’re working in Oracle.


Actionable Insights

letzNav analytics allow you to identify where your employees are struggling with Oracle and how to help them overcome their challenges with the system.


More Accurate Data

No more worrying about inaccurate or missing data in reports. letzNav’s validations ensure data quality and prompt users to fix errors in real time.

Increased Productivity

Every minute your team spends in Oracle training is a minute they’re not adding value. With letzNav, your team will have more time for high-value programs and projects.  


Less Frustration and Decreased Support Cost

letzNav is available 24/7. Employees can get help quickly and on-demand, and your IT team is free to work on other projects instead of being bogged down in application support.

Support for Your Processes 

letzNav can be tailored to your organization’s precise needs. Customize your workflows and validations to your business processes and rules.