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IT Director

IT Directors need to measure the successful use of the new applications being used. Through letzNav analytics, the directors can see that the users are much more engaged with the system now. Also, as a bi-product of using letzNav the reports from the PMO are based on higher quality data because of the letzNav data validation. Therefore, directors can now show the ROI of the project management application investment in the quality of the strategic decisions that the executive team can make on resource capacity and portfolios.

IT Support Manager

As the Support Manager, the person needs to keep the documentation of the applications up-to-date in order to train the support team members with the most up-to-date navigation steps and data validation process. However, every month there is a change to the system which will require a new update to the material. With letzNav this function is much easier now. As soon as the application updates have been released into production, letzNav generates new pdf documents that reflect the latest navigation steps and data validation processes. Therefore, it saves several hours each month as well as ensures that the training is on the latest updates.

Product Education

Product Manuals are manual. There exists a limitation with respect to accessibility, accuracy and reliability of guidance received in this case. With letzNav, all these are eliminated. Pre-approved list of guidelines can be embedded in letzNav, along with data validation protocols and prompts wherever required. Furthermore, letzNav walks with you as you navigate along the application. All of these features enable enriched experience and enhanced learning of the product in detail. Learn with or without mistakes, letzNav stands by you always.

Training Manager

Training Managers are responsible for quickly and easily guide users to specific areas in the CA PPM and JIRA tool to enable them to perform their job. Since both of these systems are so rich in functionality, managers have struggled in the past with helping users get to the correct area in the tool. letzNav helps a great deal, with quickly and easily guide users, and enabling them to remember how to use letzNav themselves next time when they need to navigate to a complex function.

Product Admin

Product Admins are responsible for entering inaccurate and timely data about the project to enable decision making about resource commitments, and overall portfolio management. By using letzNav to validate the data, Admins have become very comfortable using the Project Management tools and as such is finding them very useful to proactively manage projects. Also, the PMO is now getting accurate and timely data from here and 98% of the projects. Therefore, they can now enable better portfolio and resource capacity decision making.


As the eventual handlers on a day to day basis, users need to be well-acquainted with the detailed workflow of the application. Though manuals are referred, what is actually needed is a platform which will show what-to-do-next. letzNav fulfills this need. With the personalized dialogue boxes and contextual guidance, users now can understand the application all by themselves. So be it a new user or an existing one, letzNav makes every adoption easy.