Product Training

Usher in a next-level understanding and adoption

Real-Time Training That Keeps Your Employees On Point

Successful business owners know – great training makes great employees. When your staff has real knowledge and know-how, and when individuals feel empowered to contribute to their fullest – they perform consistently beyond expectations.

Everyone knows that a high-performing workforce means a high-performing company.

But, did you know that a whopping 80% of learned information is forgotten by your employees? That means that most of those important details your trainers impart, and almost all of those oh-so-important skills learned in training – are quickly lost in the shuffle.

Training is a fundamental step of the workflow, it’s the entrypoint for every single new team member, and a stepping stone that should take them to the highest level possible – the level where everyone stands in your organization.

If your training isn’t sticking – it’s time for a change. That’s where letzNav comes in. From complex software programs to company-specific routines – letzNav makes it easy for employees to achieve and retain proficiency in a short time frame.