Propel Projects Forward

Making Management Easy, Fast, and Effective

SharePoint is a powerful tool that mobilizes and empowers your team to improve their efficiency and collaboration. Fully realizing these benefits is often difficult as users struggle to navigate the system, input accurate data, or make changes on time. letzNav provides real-time guidance to users while they navigate through SharePoint, increasing employee self-sufficiency and reducing the load on tech support.



Effortless Guided Workflows

Turn even the most complicated tasks in SharePoint into a self-guided wizard. No more struggling to remember how to navigate the platform. letzNav makes anything as simple as using do-it-yourself tax preparation software.


Error-Proof Data Validations

letzNav solves data quality issues by enforcing your company’s business rules on any field. letzNav’s validations prompt users to fix errors in real-time as they’re working in SharePoint.


Stellar Analytics

letzNav analytics allow you to identify where the hang-ups are in implementing SharePoint and what is bogging down your projects.


Decreased Training Costs

Adopting SharePoint using traditional methods requires countless hours of training, hiring consultants, and additional support staff. letzNav allows users to learn as they interact with the program, eliminating the need for ineffective classroom training sessions.

Increased Productivity

What used to take hours can be done in minutes with letzNav. Guided workflows help employees easily navigate CA PPM and on-demand help and real-time data validations ensure they can complete their tasks quickly and accurately.

Easy Onboarding With First Day Productivity

letzNav quickly onboards new employees to CA PPM. With letzNav’s guidance, a new employee can start using CA PPM on their first day – with no additional training.

Simplified Change Management

letzNav guarantees instant compliance with any changes to your processes and business rules. With announcements inside CA PPM and validations to ensure each entry conforms to your processes, you can quickly communicate and execute changes. letznav saves you time and money because you no longer have to update your documentation and train people for every change.